Stone Crusher

High Productivity, Cubic Output

Mobile/Portable Crusher

Highly flexible, Lower Costs

Auxiliary Equipment

Complete Models, Customized Service

Grinding Mill

High Efficiency, Highly Automatic


ZENITH boasts extensive expertise in stone crushing, mineral grinding, and metal ore processing. We specialize in tailoring solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Our comprehensive services encompass plant design, timely supply of key equipment and spare parts, as well as complimentary installation guidance and project test-runs. With a global network of professionals, we ensure swift and accessible service delivery.


ZENITH has successfully built lots of crushing plants, grinding plants and metal ore dressing plants for our customers from 180+ countries and regions. With such extensive experience, ZENITH is ready to meet your specific requirements.


With over 30 years of experience, ZENITH is a renowned manufacturer in the stone crushing and mineral grinding industry. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, our expansive factory spans over 120 hectares, empowering us to cater to the production demands of global customers.